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Inks / paintings

Series Vegetal

Vegetal #1
Vegetal #2
Vegetal #3
Vegetal #4

Series Inks

Ink #1
Ink #2
Ink #3
Ink #4
Ink #5
Ink #6
Ink #7
Ink #8
Ink #9
Ink #10
Ink #12
Ink #13

Series Above The Horizon part I

The series Above The Horizon speaks about my experience in China. It is built around the horizon line and the mountains. The first part of this series, composed of paintings on paper, uses the material to represent a duality between Switzerland and China. The upper part of the painting, painted in Chinese ink*, illustrates the mountains of the Guilin region; the lower part, characterized by its curves and brightly colored acrylic and wax, is a representation of the top of the Swiss Alps. These artworks symbolize the cultural shock and the change of scenery that I experienced when I arrived in Asia for the first time.

When The Wind Blows
Golden Drop
Misty Mountains
Misty Mountains II
Summit's Shadows
Mountains Study IIII
Mountains Study III
Mountains Study II
Blowing In The Wind
Mountains Study I
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