It is through the contemplation of nature, mountain, Chinese calligraphy, painting and the

elements that surrounds her that Cécile Kaiflyn has found her aesthetic voice. Her movement-based artistic approach is driven by a search for resonance between volumes and textures, materials and colors, shadows and light, painted surfaces and spaces spared from gesture .


"I don’t aim to figuratively depict the reality that surrounds me but instead to translate the essence of the kinetics forces imbued in that reality onto canvas".


Her goal is to pay tribute to Switzerland and China. Born in one country and changed by her experience in the other, she found a new beginning in her creative process. Fundamentally different but complementary in her universe, they constitute a major axis of her creativity and a point from which to reflect on the aesthetics of the world that surrounds her. By establishing links between these two worlds, she continues her search for balance and visual harmony. Many of her paintings depict the mountain as it represents the meeting point between the sky and the earth, according to Chinese philosophy.


She constantly experiments and combines new materials to create new textures. Genuine expression of the movements surrounding her often required the creation of her own tools. From a trip to Japan, she brought back a bamboo-sleeve saw made up of a double row of staggered teeth named «Kataba».  From the original saw, she imagined other instruments that she later commissioned local artisans to create. Welding together several Kataba blades of different sizes and teeth allowed her to create volumes, the essential subjects of her paintings.