Elements part II

Elements part I

This series is articulated around five elements; mountain, water, ether, metal and the circle. These elements were selected and assembled because of their meaning and particular symbolism within Swiss and Chinese cultures. The elements “mountain” and “water” are very important to both cultures. Aether, considered the fifth element in Occident, symbolizes the material that goes beyond the material world. Metal is a major element in the Chinese cosmology and finally, the circle, the fifth element of my composition, links all the others. Illustrated both open and closed, it is a symbol of unity and infinity.

My goal is to pay tribute to Switzerland and China. Born in one and changed by my experience in the other, I found a new beginning in my creative process. Fundamentally different but complementary in my universe, they constitute a major axis of my creativity and a point from which to reflect on the aesthetics of the world that surrounds me. By establishing links between these two worlds, I continue my search for balance and visual harmony.

Gold and ultramarine blue mural

Private collection

Above The Horizon part II

In the second part of this series, the border is removed and recollections from both countries begin to fuse. The paintings are made on canvas, and the material moves into the third dimension, manipulated by the Kataba saw. Acrylic and Chinese ink harmonize in a single painting. The horizon line disappears, and the two worlds reconcile, merging into a whole. This step symbolize my immersion and integration into Chinese culture.