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Cécile Kaiflyn is a Swiss visual artist, born in Geneva in 1988. The mountain, asserted deep into the heart of her artistic universe, is the common thread woven throughout the fabric of her journey– from her native Alps, to the winding Scottish Highlands, to the rocky peak of the Huangshan. She takes in artistic inspiration from the cultures surrounding her and reflects them back through her own creative lens as works of art. 


In 2016, she took an inaugural trip to China to train with two Chinese masters in traditional painting and calligraphy. She came away with a fresh perspective, marked by the idea that painting should reflect the painter’s state of mind, more than it should imitate a model.

Her movement-based artistic approach is driven by a search for resonance between volumes and textures, materials and colors, shadows and light, painted surfaces and spaces spared from gesture. She doesn't aim to figuratively depict the reality that surrounds her, but instead to translate the essence of the kinetics forces imbued in that reality onto canvas.

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In the studio, February 2019, Geneva

Photo credits: Sebastien Maflin

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